Zhao Wei, Wu Yifan, Zhao Liying, Jimmy Lin, and Wang Kai to host “Future Diary” together?

Toutiao: Cast of ‘Future Diary’ is revealed, Wu Yifan, Zhao Liying and other big stars, who are you most looking forward to?

Dragon Television is airing weekend variety “Future Diary” in the second quarter of 2017, with the rumored cast of Wu Yifan, Zhao Liying, Wang Kai, Jimmy Lin, and Zhao Wei.

It’s rumored that the show’s format will be 70 minutes per episode with broadcast taking the shape of 12 episodes per season.
– There will be one guest per episode and 4-6 regular cast members
– Broadcast will begin in Q2 of 2017 at 10pm on Saturdays


Zyi TV: Cast of Future Diary, who are the MCs?

The show type is one of a comedy reality show.
– Guests will be interviewed about their rules for the future beforehand
– They will make decisions on a questionnaire to create a future life
– They will enter the door of time after undergoing makeup and special effects
– Regular NPCs will also participate and create a future storyline
– Guests will be asked to write down a message for themselves when they feel the most emotional
– They will then return to the new world and read the letter from the future


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