Claire Kuo shares mature side with new album “Loved”

QQ: Claire’s new album “Loved” breaks through to new mature visuals

Claire’s eighth album “Loved” will be released on December 22, showing her transformation from “Goddess of Pure Love” to a mature young woman.
– Her songs will reflect back on the heart pounding moments of simple love and redefining love, using a murmuring style of singing to heal hearts

The cover for this time’s album breaks through her old image and uses a simple, soft visual to emphasize the warmth between people.
– New it photographer Miss Bean from Hong Kong was invited to photograph Claire Kuo
– Miss Bean leveraged Claire and flowers as the main focus of photography, capturing the warmth of the moment when a girl became lost in thought or suddenly focused her concentration in cold toned photographs
– Claire mentioned that Miss Bean wanted her to keep tucking her chin in as they photographed, breaking free of the usual tilting her head back and looking upwards
– Clare mentioned that she grew very excited upon seeing Miss Bean’s earlier work. “I like the atmosphere of a clean feeling, even a white wall can be made very beautiful!”

Claire mentioned that her favorite moment during this shooting was when sunshine was spilling on her profile in close up shots.
– That looked particularly warm and natural, but she actually shot that curled up on a stool
– She laughed that “I had to fold myself up and hold my expression in, and worry if I was flashing everyone at the same time.”
– Claire is quite looking forward to this time’s results, “particularly the look in my eyes, since the previous feeling I gave to others seems to have been too mean!”

“I am Moving On” from Claire Kuo’s new album, and also the ending song of “Love in the Moonlight”

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