Concept photos of new boy group Catchers revealed

QQ: New concept group Catchers reveal their first photos

A new boy group concept of energetic boys with vitality has appeared on the scene.
– Catchers recently released their first title track and MV with distinct style and eye dazzling dance moves

It’s said that these new boys group was trained according to the method pioneered by Johnny & Associates, with many top tier producers invited to write songs, film the MV, and many resources going into the group.
– According to some industry insiders who have watched the first cut, the MV’s production was exquisite and dazzling, “On par with any top boy group”

Catchers is comprised of Chinese members Zhu Yuntian, Zhu Yunyi, Wan Yuxian, Zhao Shu, and Hong Kong member Ying Zhiyue.
– Not only do they possess fantastic visuals, but they possess great talent as well

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  • Nel

    last guy barely looks real