Selina from S.H.E. bravely performs with her scars

QQ: Selina wears a dress and reveals scars without fear, immense courage in singing and dancing

On the second day of Christmas concerts in New Taipei City in Taiwan. Selina appeared in an off the shoulder dress to perform on stage.
– Ever since announcing her divorce in March, Selina’s career has been soaring to the skies again
– Apart from hosting shows, attending events and participating in reality shows, she’s also accepted more than 10 CFs


Cnetz react below: 

[+10,381] Remember, this tells us that all ligaments and ointments to get rid of scars are all bullshit

[+3,172] She was the prettiest one. It looks like even the heavens were jealous of her looks

[+2,614] I now believe all those scar reducing products are useless

[+1,695] My heart hurts to see her body full of scars~

[+1,529] I think there’s no need to display her scars, this make it seem like she’s begging for pity

[+1,519] Accidents and tomorrow, which come faster? No one knows, live well through today!

[+1,410] A brave heart! It’s most important to have no scars in your heart!

[+196] You’re not that young anymore, save it

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  • L.A_21

    Awww… good for her. I love her positive mind and confidence. After suffering a car accident and a divorce, I like that she’s still positive and determine. I hope S.H.E will released a new single in the future.