[Updated] Wang Leehom attacked by water bottle during Nanjing concert

QQ: Wang Leehom attacked during Nanjing performance, water bottle hits his stomach hard

Wang Leehom was the closing act in a Nanjing performance yesterday when someone suddenly threw a water bottle onto the stage, hitting Wang Leehom’s stomach.
– He clutched his stomach with pain afterwards as netizens censured the attacker, also blaming the organizing party for not protecting the performers well

Fans present expressed that Wang Leehom couldn’t stand up straight after being hit and continued to perform.
– He said gently, “Thank you. Don’t throw anything, thank you. I can’t see.”


Footage of Wang Leehom being attacked and the culprit at the end.



Cnetz weigh in below:

[+13,262] Who gives a damn what country he’s from. What the hell did someone who’s performing on stage do to you? No breeding, don’t come out and embarrass people!

[+6,449] Wang Leehom is American, Wang Leehom is American, Wang Leehom is American… you understand

[+6,338] I once heard Wang Leehom speak at Harvard University. During the speech, he mentioned his home country many times. He’s someone who really loves his country and I can hear that in his music. I truly think there are many who aren’t worthy of being Chinese, so embarrassing

[+3,070] Celebrities are also people, just don’t go watch him if you don’t like him. Why throw something at him? How dark and twisted is your psychology when you’re like this?

[+2,681] If it wasn’t media play, I believe that whoever threw that will be beaten to death by his fans there

[+2,436] The person probably saw that he was getting tired singing and wanted to give him a bottle of water. He didn’t catch it is all. How is this a headline?

[+2,055] Well done! Coming to China to take our money before

[+1,512] No matter where someone’s nationality is, he is doing this legally, isn’t doing this against the country’s interests, and is not committing a crime. Therefore, don’t discriminate against those with foreign nationalities. Just don’t watch or buy if you don’t like them. Don’t attack them like you have no baseline of ethics, and don’t do anything that harms others. This is a person’s basic breeding, and the true characteristic one should have as Chinese. Don’t embarrass yourself with special treatment or want to isolate the country with narrow minded thinking. This isn’t a display of how much you love the country, it only displays all the dumb things you do as a Chinese person!

[+918] I find it so strange why people always like to make a big deal out of nationality? American nationality means you’re American? Then if I have Russian nationality, does that make me Russian? If I have dual citizenship, that makes me mixed? I had no idea it was that easy to become mixed just by changing my nationality. ╮(╯_╰)╭ If only Hitler thought the way you guys do, then all the German Jews wouldn’t have died


QQ: The truth behind the attacks, culprit has delusions that she is his wife and has harassed him often

Netizens have been paying a great deal of attention lately to the news of Wang Leehom being attacked by a water bottle during a concert.
– Wang Leehom’s company responded that the culprit has often appeared where Leehom would appear and revealed evidence of her verbally assaulting Leehom
– “Miss Gao Ruixia has continually harassed Leehom and his family members over the years and has attempted to attack him every time he’s appeared. The staff has gotten injured because of their efforts in protecting him. We regret that we were unable to protect him on the stage yesterday, but the silver lining that he is not gravely injured”

In video that the company posted, the culprit has often said publicly that they have been together for five years and calls herself “Leehom’s wife”.


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+1,859] Wang Leehom is a singer and a very talented person. As a fan, you should pay more attention to his works. Why lust after him like this and pretend that you’re his wife?

[+1,769] This reminds me of what happened with Andy Lau all those years ago! There are too many idiots in this world

[+1,508] Crazies are everywhere

[+661] I suddenly feel that I’m not normal! Even crazies chase after stars, then what the hell am I?

[+586] There are crazies in China all over the place. Half are celebrities, the other half are fans!

[+559] I know a woman from Tianjin called Chen Qi and she is so similar to this woman. Her words conflict with each other and she talks all day about which celebrity is going out with her. She talks about how much money she has. She’s completely a craze madwoman

[+418] This reminds me of Andy Lao’s crazy female fan all those years ago! Severe delusions, she should go to a mental institution!


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