71 year old Angela Pan looks like a youthful girl

QQ: Slideshow: 71 year old Angela Pan looks just like a youthful girl

Angela Pan posted recent shots of herself wearing off the shoulder dresses like she hadn’t aged at all from a girl.


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+17,147] The hell, she looks even younger than me. I’m only thirty something. Sigh… no way to live now

[+12,865] She looks much more natural than Liu Xiaoqing

[+10,833] She’s become a fairy!

[+5,189] I watched her act as Wu Zetian when I was young and thought she was too beautiful

[+4,769] Not that I’m pointing to anyone, just that I think old age should leave traces. Audrey Hepburn still looked beautiful when she was old. Although her face was full of wrinkles, her bearing and demeanor was unmistakable. Every age should look their age. Sometimes being more natural is prettier

[+4,263] So amazing, how did she keep herself in that condition?

[+2,885] For some reason I just don’t like Liu Xiaoqing, but I have no way of disliking this woman

[+2,633] Oh my gosh, she looks thirty or forty years old. Stars halve their age and her body doesn’t look like she’s seventy

[+2,020] This is true non aging looks! My gosh, her figure and skin is so good!

[+1,279] At her age, we can only look at her from afar and can’t take a look up close

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