Fan Bingbing responds humorously to accusations that she photoshops her pictures too much

Weibo: Fan Bingbing’s official Weibo

Fan Bingbing posted a few pictures over the weekend and was mocked for photoshopping her pictures too much. She posted this earlier today in response:

Friends, since you love it so much, then I’ll photoshop directly! Haven’t I mentioned often in interviews that there’s apps for editing photos now and they automatically beautify the pictures? So convenient! [馋嘴] Let me keep using it some more! [偷笑] Why does it seem like I’ve taken an investment in them? PS: Alright! The last picture is the true me!

(cpoplove note: the photo in the screenshot is the last picture she posted)


Netizens react below:

[+10,977] I’ll become a fan of anyone who likes me [doge][doge][doge]

[+6,483] Goddess, I’ll still support you even if you become that fat

[+5,228] After seeing the real you, please don’t hug me when we meet in the future. My arms are too short and I won’t be able to wrap them around you [白眼][白眼]

[+4,159] Bingbing is choosing her consort for the night!! So jealous I’m going to faint! [可爱][可爱][可爱] No worries, I will still like sister Bingbing even if she doesn’t respond to me

[+3,088] What’s the last picture? I’ve been scared out of my sleep and immediately woke up

[+2,582] Beautiful Bing, I’ve gotten fat lately too and can’t find a boyfriend, I need comfort [悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤]

[+2,041] The last one is fatty Fan’s childhood, the ones in the front are skinny Fan [哈哈]

[+1,907] Promise me that you’ll take many more selfies in the future alright? [污][污][害羞] I’m missing that wonderful, mysterious angle

[+1,583] It’s my goal to become like the last picture! So beautiful and alluring [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

[+1,567] Why are you wearing a down jacket in the eighth photo and the others are wearing shorts?


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  • gudiddly

    lol this is hilarious. I love her sass.