“Feng Huang Prison” swaps out leading cast due to scheduling conflicts?

Weibo: Sina Weibo

Recent rumors say that since “Feng Huang Prison” started filming in January, the investors have asked to swap out the female lead from Yang Rong to Guan Xiaotong, and the male lead from Merxat to Song Weilong. (Screenshot above shows new male and female lead) To this, the production team has responded that because the copyright authorizations were about to expire and the investors kept pushing them to film, Yang Hong’s schedule couldn’t accommodate filming and so swapping out leads was an action taken out of resignment. Yang Rong posted previously asking for leniency, and the production crew had said that Yang Rong would be the female lead if they started filming.


Netizens react below: 

[+41,966] Yang Rong always miraculously avoids the dramas that would make her popular

[+32,363] I feel that Yang Rong is very suited for Chuyu, what a pity

[+29,008] Guan Xiaotong is so annoying. She must have a sponsor who’s willing to spend money to media play for her [二哈]

[+25,322] Fans of the book express that Yang Rong is still most suited

[+25,220] I feel bad for Yang Rong, what a pity [心]

[+20,829] I feel like Guan Xiaotong’s image is about to be destroyed

[+18,237] Guan Xiaotong is really unsuited to be the female lead. She’s the little girl type

[+15,490] The hell! How old is Guan Xiaotong that she gets to play Liu Chuyu? Stop filming early!

[+11,644] I feel bad for Yang Rong, although I didn’t think much of Merxat before, but I still think he was unfairly embroiled in this

[+11,181] Doesn’t [Guan Xiaotong’s] school have a rule that they can’t film before junior year? Or am I remembering incorrectly?

[+10,407] Another mess. Is Guan Xiaotong’s acting skills any good? Why do I feel like all her characters are truly awkward. Is she popular? Every time I search for her, I can’t find that many Weibo posts about her. I don’t get it

[+9,845] I feel bad for Yang Rong

[+9,140] This market is truly bizarre. Little sister Rong has visuals and acting skills but doesn’t receive any recognition or acknowledgement for them. The investors are juts valuing that little bit of attention. Heh heh, to take a step back, is it possible that Chuyu’s dominating aura can be portrayed from a twenty some year old little girl? I have no opinion against Guan Xiaotong, but this market is like thus. Heh heh.

[+7,677] Yang Rong has acting skills and visuals, she should really be very popular. She’s just lacked some luck


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