Lara releases new song “Where Do We Go”, choosing to focus on career first before love

Yahoo News: 2 relationships both ended within three months, Lara decides to focus on career first

From left to right, Tracy Chou, Rose Liu, Lara, Sharon Kwan, Diana Wang


Lara held a press event for her new single “Where Do We Go” on Dec. 19 as well as the premiere of her new MV.
– Good friends Sharon Kwan, Tracy Chou, Diana Wang, Rose Liu, and Celeste Syn showed up in support

She revealed that she had two relationships in the past year, the first with a British stage actor of her age, and the other a Spanish soccer player playing on the Taiwanese team who was four years younger than her.
– Both of them didn’t last past three months, making her sigh that life changes too much and it was more important to focus on her career
– She was passive in both relationships and met her British ex through filming
– She agreed to go out with him after his ardent pursuit, and he was even planning on moving to Taiwan for her
– Lost in love, the then 26 year old Lara even fantasized about having a tree house wedding, but suddenly released that “this isn’t what I want one day”
– She asked to break up with him and he said, “You should’ve told me earlier”
– The funny thing was, they still remain friends and he even played a role in a short film she and her sister filmed

As for the athlete, Lara was also quite surprised why she had gone out with him.
– “I usually for the rogue type, but he was a sunshine boy.”
– She tried to hang out with him after her mother passed away but he was too clingy and gave her too much pressure
– She’s now single and operates MeimeiWawa Multimedia with her sister, and is looking forward to releasing more music regularly so that everyone knows that her works are limited to what she’d released before


QQ: Recovering from the loss of her mother with her sister’s help, Lara transforms from a girl to a lady

Lara’s mother passed away unexpectedly last May and she lost her support all of a sudden.
– She is the youngest at home and grew up greatly loved from her two sisters and parents
– She joined Nanquan Mama at 17 years old and was the only girl in the group, also enjoying a lot of attention and love from those around her
– She attended college through online classes as all her best friends since young left the country to pursue their studies. This, her mother became her everything
– “I moved two times a year when I was young and didn’t feel that the house was my home. I felt that home was wherever my mother was. Even if I traveled abroad to perform or for fun, I would feel that home was still there as long as I could hear my mother’s voice when I called home.”

When her mother suddenly left last May, she suddenly lost her support.
– “I often joke that I remained at the age in which I debuted.”
– Since she debuted, she only had her group members, staff, and family around her, and everyone treated her like a little girl
– She also lacks the ability to take care of herself, since up to even high school, she thought fruit was something that would appear sliced in the fridge and not growing on trees. “I still don’t really know how to cut fruit and often throw it all away because I cut them badly.”

She was depressed for five months after her mother passed away and didn’t dare set foot out of her door.
– Her sister studied psychology and helped her through this time
– Good friend Joanna Wang said to her, “I know you think your mother is home, but you are your home.”
– This was when Lara released that, “I can only help others and take part in their lives after I take care of myself.”

Lyric video, English version of Lara’s latest song, “Where Do We Go”

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