He Jie and He Ziming rumored to have divorced

QQ: He Jie gives rumors to divorce, husband says wife cheated and unfulfilling sex life

[+9,024] How could He Jie have cheated? Didn’t she just give birth? She’d be too busy with the children! I bet it’s her husband who was seduced by some woman when she was pregnant! The most honest men are most easily tempted

[+5,386] Men who know how to be romantic and chase after women will usually cheat. Those who don’t understand romance or how to make a move are those who have only thoughts of their family on their mind and thinking of their wives

[+4,557] I’ve always felt that this man was quite solid, but hadn’t thought he’d be the type to screw around. They have two children already, now what? A perfectly fine home is wrecked, what a pity

[+1,561] I’ve seen too many of this. True affection comes out when a couple is poor. Just my personal opinion, don’t hate me

[+1,204] It’s not He Jie cheating, but that weak husband of hers

[+808] He Jie is a particularly fake person. Her mother used to sell beef noodles in Guiyang. Her parents got divorced. Before she participated in the competition, she was a hooligan in a bar. When she got popular, she dumped the boyfriend who had helped put her through school and didn’t admit she’s from Guiyang. What, being from Guiyang is a bad thing? I can judge from this alone that she’s nothing good

[+730] Didn’t He Jie just have a child? Anyone who’s every been a dad that in the first year (or at least half a year) of a woman giving birth, she’ll have no sex drive. Her body and mentality has changed a lot and has no desire for that area at all. It’s even more impossible when she’s pregnant. I don’t believe that she cheated at this time! There’s instead a ton of examples of men doing disgusting things when their wives are pregnant!


QQ: He Ziming’s friend testifies, no one cheated in this marriage

[+7,367] She had two children, this proves that she really cares about this man!

[+4,682] Divorcing after a son and a daughter? It looks like it was against their will! I tried to stay in a marriage before for the children because I was afraid that I can’t give the child a good life with one salary. Don’t criticize my choice or perspective, because I’m a poor woman from an ordinary family! I believe in fate and that nothing can be changed if something’s destined, no matter how hard you try!

[+4,336] I want to know why this has happened, didn’t they just have a second child?

[+3,215] I was pregnant at home while he rented a house with a woman outside. How pathetic, I just want to get a divorce as soon as possible

[+3,210] Go He Jie! So it seems like even such a good looking guy is scum too. So infuriating. He Jie is an amazing mother, I’ll always support you

[+2,991] She even had two children for you. A man such as this is truly heartless. The woman was willing to have two children for the family, this meant that she was willing to spend the rest of her life with you

[+2,012] Some scumbags treat you well on the surface and are very considerate, but do this behind your back

[+1,400] Ugly man~ would it kill you to just live honestly?

[+548] I think He Jie couldn’t withstand the temptations outside and thus wanted a divorce. She felt that she earned more money and put more into the marriage, so grew tired of this cold life. She wants to pursue something better but it’s not written in her destiny. Her temper is stubborn, there’s something wrong with her personality



QQ: He Jie appears at airport after rumors of divorce, seems to have gotten fat again

[+17,764] So ugly, what kind of outfit is this? It’s not your fault if you’re short or fat, but would it kill you to dress more normally? Ugly people seriously are so weird, no wonder your husband couldn’t handle you

[+9,935] I never cared much for her, but her husband used her popularity and she wrecked her figure like so after having two children. As another woman, I feel that she hasn’t had an easy life and rather pity her

[+9,307] Seriously ugly, I didn’t want to say it

[+5,341] There are so many sick in the mind in the comments, such as “I finally know why her husband wanted a divorce. Wearing clothes like this with two kids, what man would be able to take this!” What kind of views are these? And those who liked those comments, are your morals dead as well? Do you decide based off looks and figure if you’re going to cheat in a marriage or not? You’re all freaking sick

[+3,187] Is she supposed to maintain her figure like a little girl’s after she’s had two children? Do your figures not change after two children? Hilarious

[+2,202] I really can’t admire this hair color…

[+1,213] You should go find a pub or a convenience store to work at, that suits you more

[+952] Please stop dying your hair! Please stop pleasing the masses, use your abilities to win!

[+748] Your stomach is as fat as if you’re pregnant with a third child. You’re so fat and short, look at what you’ve done to yourself

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