Michelle Chen gives birth to baby boy “Little Star”

QQ: Michelle Chen gives birth, calls son “little star”

Michelle Chen posted a picture of her family on Dec. 20 and revealed that she had given birth to her baby.

Her Weibo post read:

So thankful that “little star” has become part of our family. I hope you’ll peacefully shine as brightly as the stars in the future.”

Her husband Chen Xiao replied that, “You who played ‘rock’, I hope you’re strong and listen to your mom.”

Michelle Chen’s staff expressed that “Michelle gave birth to a cute Sagittarius baby today. Mother and baby are fine. The little baby is 50cm tall and 3,500g heavy. Michelle and Chen Xiao are all very grateful for the baby arriving healthily on this world and becoming part of the family.”

The Chen couple met when working together for “The Romance of the Condor Heroes” in 2013, but weren’t attracted to each other then.
– Sparks only flew when Chen Xiao traveled to Taiwan last Jan and Michelle caught up with him
– They kept their relationship going through messages and decided to be in a relationship last March
– He arranged a romantic proposal in Paris in October, and spent the new year in Taiwan this Feb, meeting Michelle’s family
– They registered for marriage on July 7 of this year and also announced that Michelle was pregnant
– A ceremony was held in Beijing on July 19 and in Taiwan on July 21


Cnetz react below:

[+7,843] Men who suddenly realize they want to marry you will immediately take action. You’re just wasting time with those who don’t

[+5,927] Congratulations, 3,200 grams. This kid will grow up to be about 180cm. I was this weight when I was born and now I’m 185cm

[+2,286] Chen Xiao’s manager will be so happy

[+2,109] She’s too amazing, a 3,200 son. She never media plays either, not like that Annie Yi

[+2,058] Same weight as my son! I hope the baby grows up healthily and the mother recovers well this month

[+1,938] I’m truly happy to see such a warm piece of news

[+1,340] What a large baby, amazing!

[+957] I always feel like celebrities give both so quickly, it’s because they concealed the fact that they were pregnant before, right? Those who don’t conceal it face mockery that they’ve been pregnant for a century, but in reality, they’re the normal ones

[+414] I feel like they’ll get divorced too

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  • Nel

    i doubt there’s a correlation with weight at birth and height 😂

    • L.A_21

      True. I’m 5 1/2 pounds when I was born but I’m only 5’2 now.

  • Xiaoshu

    [+414] I feel like they’ll get divorced too

    OMG! these people

    Anyway, congrats to them. The baby is so healthy.