Roy Chiu updates Weibo for the first time since father’s passing

QQ: Roy Chiu updates for first time since father’s passing, says fortune and fame aren’t that important

Roy Chiu posted on Facebook on Nov. 14 that “my father has just passed away, I will temporarily not be updating.”
– He headed to Yunnan to film as soon as he’d finished handling his father’s business, but it was rumored that his weight dropped to 65kg and he’d stopped eating
– He finally updated after a month and showed pictures of the cast and crew, saying “I only have this band of brothers in front of me now…”

Roy Chiu grew up in a single parent family and set foot into the entertainment industry in order to pay his father’s medical bills.
– His parents got back together in the last two years thanks to his efforts


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+927] Fame and fortune are indeed not important, but character is!

[+557] Wow, the comments for this article are all “scum”

[+481] Scum! (I’m just here to join the crowd)

[+364] It’s the first time I’m seeing such comments in unison

[+347] Good visuals, you just made all the wrong decisions

[+284] Why are people calling him scum?

[+210] Setting aside the fact that he’s scum, but I cannot tolerate him going out with two girls at the same time (and it was possibly not just two…). Tiffany Tang’s never done any chores since young and scrubbed his bathroom for him, cleaning up his house nicely. She even called her manager to ask what brand of cleaner will result in the cleanest bathroom and which brand detergent was the best for washing clothes. He’s a good one, picking up girls outside. Apparently Tiffany almost even killed herself for him. It looked like the third daughter of the Xiao family rather liked him, but now… I’m not Tiffany’s fan but I really can’t stand on the sidelines for this

[+179] Roy Chiu still looks good

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