SWIN to unite as one for Christmas Eve concert

Sohu: SWIN to unite for first meet and greet on Christmas Eve, members are preparing steadily

Hottest it group SWIN is seeing success in both music and acting lately, with both their new songs and new dramas receiving hot attention.
– SWIN’s “NEW WORLD Chinese fan meet and greet tour” also started selling tickets on Dec. 16

The S team and E team will be uniting as one SWIn on Christmas Eve and officially kick off a romantic journey with their fans.
– SWIN has always prepared surprise gifts for their fans during holidays, whether personally writing love letters to their fans or filming video from the angle of a boyfriend
– It’s said that the members are preparing a mysterious romantic event during the Christmas Eve event
– They will be performing “New World”, “Because You’re Too Beautiful”, and “For You” during the event


QQ: Heaven version of SWIN-S trailer is revealed, six boys come with mysterious power

SWIN-S has achieved eye caching results since debut, and all their hit songs have made it onto various music ranking charts, with their popularity soaring as well.
– They posted a trailer earlier today of the heaven version of their new album
– In the trailer, the six boys of SWIN-S represent six mysterious powers of storm, sea, star, snow, sun, and sky

“Son of the Sun” He Yifan

“Snow Elf” Cai Xukun

“Envoy from the Stars”

“Prince of the Sky” Wu Muti

“Knight of the Storm” Liu Ye

“Angel of the Ocean” Zhao Pinlin


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  • thisco

    This is my first time hearing about them. the name SWIN-E just reminds me of pigs and the swine flu.

  • The Wind

    Don’t hate me but this group have some similarity with EXO.
    For example :
    EXO debut promotion “INTO YOUR WORLD”
    SWIM fan meet tour “YOUR WORLD”

    EXO K and M united as 1 (12 members)
    SWIM E and S united as 1 (10 members)

    EXO have songs “Angels (into your world), Beautiful, Sing for you”
    SWIM have songs “Your world, Because you are too beautiful, For you

    EXO have powers (Chen-storm, Suho-water, Baekhyun-light, Xiumin-Freeze (ice))
    SWIM have power storm, sea, star, snow, sun, and sky

    Let’s SEE if they will have more similarity with EXO