Paparazzi was trying to force Hawick Lau and Yang Mi to divorce?

Weibo: Sina Weibo

Known as the first paparazzi in the nation, Zhuo Wei explained his motives in revealing the shots of Hawick Lau and Angel Wang. He felt that there was something wrong with Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s marriage, and so if he exposed Hawick Lau’s doings with Angel Wang, Hawick Lau would choose to admit to things and get a divorce. However, he’d been too native. Netizens questioned the Zhuo Wei was forcing the two of them to divorce. To this, Zhuo Wei announced that he’d never said his news was wrong and was sticking to the principles of his news. He said that he’d done right and very well in revealing the affair.


Netizens weigh in below:

[+35,400] How many of us believe that Hawick Lau has cheated?

[+25,613] I’ve watched Zhuo Wei’s video. I think he thought they’d divorced and Hawick Lau was engaging in a normal relationship. This is why he revealed the video to force them to admit that they’d divorced. But it turns out, they hadn’t, so it confirmed that Hawick Lau was cheating [摊手]

[+17,073] So the video was real, cheating was real, not having a divorce was real. I sincerely request that Hawick Lau and Angel Wang no longer be mentioned in the same breath as Yang Mi and use her to wash their image. This really makes me sick [微笑]

[+9,510] I support Zhuo Wei this time. I really don’t understand this industry anymore. Let me remind everyone that Jane Zhang’s matter reminds us not to stick our nose where it doesn’t belong

[+9,305] Hawick Lau and Angel Wang are here to wash their image again??

[+8,419] Zero points in washing your image this time

[+7,545] I support my Mi with no strings attached

[+5,964] Ms. Wang, stop trying to wash your image alright? Can Hawick Lau imitate Lin Dan please?

[+4,659] Passerby here, I feel really bad for Yang Mi. She’s always out in front if anything happens. Hawick Lau’s actions really makes one’s heart grow cold.

[+2,901] I’m on Zhuo Wei’s side this time!

[+2,742] There’s no way that Hawick Lau can wash his image now

[+1,774] All the media play in the world won’t wash your image. Yang Mi is a good woman and a good mother. You’re a bad man.

[+1,660] I just feel bad for my Mi. I hope she is well [心][心][心]

[+1,335] I feel bad for my Mi


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  • Xiaoshu

    I think their relationship is breaking. I watched Real Man2, when Ru Gege asked YM about her husband, she seems unhappy.

    Hope Yang Mi jiejie is fine!

  • The Wind

    Men nowadays are crazy for women. It’s like they fall in love with every women.
    It may be because of social media? Sexuality is not taboo anymore (married or not)?
    Even the most loving and caring couple have to face this kind of things. SO TIRING