Wong Cho-Iam, Wang Yuan, Victoria, and Shen Tao to host second season of “The Negotiator”

Weibo: “The Negotiator” Official Weibo

The cast for the second season of “The Negotiator” is announced! Wong Cho-Iam VS Wang Yuan, who will win out? Victoria is joining secretly, what kind of secret mission will she receive? Shen Tao to come out with stunning words again. The second season of the show is being upgraded, the aces will be revealed in 2017!

Netizens weigh in below:

[+4,387] So looking forward to Wang Yuan!

[+4,105] Wang Yuan with his great variety sense is throwing down his idol baggage to take up the microphone. Adept at creating a great atmosphere, his professionalism is the top. I still remember his little chick dance when he first appeared on the show. I can’t wait for the second season! I’m anticipating his collaborations with his seniors

[+3,822] Little prince of variety, looking forward to your performance!

[+3,484] Looking forward to king of variety Wang Yuan!

[+2,914] I want to confess my love to Wang Yuan. You’re cold and aloof but also warm and gentle. A rich and enormous universe is blossoming in your heart, and there are dreams sparkling within. A brightly colored world is reflecting out a fascinating and charming young man

[+2,776] Wow! We can see our Wang Yuan every Friday!

[+2,063] My captain Wang Yuan!

[+1,777] My Victoria, my Victoria!




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  • Xiaoshu

    So no Xie Na anymore?

    The Negotiator is a good show. I watched all 12 eps without Eng sub. I liked this show. It’s so enjoyable.