Jin Xing criticizes Chinese parents that relationships in which the girl is older is their fault

QQ: Jin Xing harshly criticizes Chinese parents: our children are in relationships in which the woman is older because of you

Jin Xing; born August 13, 1967 in Shenyang, Liaoning is a Chinese ballerina, modern dancer, choreographer, actress, and owner of the contemporary dance company Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre. (Source: Wikipedia)

Jin Xing harshly criticized Chinese parents when she guested on a recent show, saying that relationships in which the woman is older are the fault of the parents, resulting in fierce public discussion.
– In the show, a boy growing up in a strict household with a very strong mother confessed to his mother that he likes more mature women because he feels very insecure and always puts on a strong front
– His mother also reflected afterwards that, “Many successful people can summon the winds and rain outside, but cannot walk into their children’s hearts and don’t treat their children as friends.”

Jin Xing harshly criticized Chinese parents that, “In relationships, I often find that young people who prefer people similar to their parents are greatly affected by how their grew up. When young couples are educating their children, you alway feel that it’s fine that you don’t have time to spend with children. Children will grow up themselves, and I’ll just earn money for them. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! When you have money, you won’t be able to buy back the need of a child for their mother. When you have enough money and want to compensate them, the child will say too late! They need to find a love to depend on, so he may find a woman much older than them. Who’s the cause of this? This is caused by the parents!”


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+6,939] I think there’s a lot of sense in Jin Xing’s words. A child’s development period is very important, and the air of a family can impact a child’s life, so the environment is very important!

[+2,695] You guys only care about her gender but never pay attention to their personality or words. How to say this, you’re far from Jin Xing’s level! I don’t accept transgenders, but I affirm her ability and viewpoints!!!

Come and hate me, after all, there are many crude people! I don’t care!

[+1,322] Changing her gender or not was Jin Xing’s choice, it’s fine if herself and her family could accept things. I don’t understand why so many people are so harsh towards her. Even though you can’t accept her transgender, you can’t mix up her words and this matter. It’s somehow associated with her gender change if she makes sense, but it’s also associated with that if she doesn’t make sense. Where is your basic sense of judgment?

[+1,330] So many people start hating based off the headline. I’m at a loss for words… just by this alone, Jin Xing was correct!

[+1,274] She didn’t say that relationships in which the woman is older is wrong. She’s criticizing the parents who don’t spent time with their children

[+592] I think Jin Xing is so right. I lack fatherly love so I like older men. This is a common phenomenon

[+299] Jin Xing’s existence is the greatest insult to men and women

[+270] Relationships can be defined by when the woman is older? Then what about when the man is older? What is an appropriate relationship? Jin Xing always makes use of criticizing others to attract attention! Not all things can be criticized

[+166] Relationships in which the woman is older is the fault of the parents, then you changing your gender is also your parents’ fault~

[+165] I’m older than my husband and have three children, my life is good as well~ Does that bother you~

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  • The Wind

    It’s indeed not that good when the woman is older.
    I’m not saying that it’s good to see those old men with young girls. But it’s better that the woman is the same age as the man or younger (2- 10 years younger than him).
    It’s bad when the man is the same age as her father (17+ to 25+ years older). It’s unbalanced.
    It’s like the guy is with his daughter having sex.

    Gouvernement should help citizen to find love (especially when everybody are busy with works)