Show Lo and Grace Chow show off their love on Weibo

ET Today: Show Lo says “Hi Baby” and expresses his love through the air, Grace Chow says she’s very happy on Christmas Eve

A year since Show Lo admitted that he was in a relationship with Grace Chow, they often interact on social media and express their love to each other.
– He posted the above photo on Christmas Eve, saying “This is what you should wear on Christmas Eve, right~” and tagged Grace Chow’s Weibo account
– Fans kept saying that “it seems like good news is in the air” and “what do you want us single people to do!”

Show Lo often wears articles of clothing from Grace Chow’s brand and posts his outfits.
– Not only did he market this piece of clothing on Christmas Eve, he also indirectly showed off his love

Grace Chow then reposted his post on her account later that day and laughed that she hadn’t posted “outfit of the day” posts from buyers in a while.
– “Then let’s start from this handsome guy’s ‘Hi Baby’!”
– She also expressed that although she was busy working on Christmas Eve, she was still very happy

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