Zhang Han and Guli Nazha celebrate their second year anniversary

QQ: Zhang Han and Guli Nazha celebrate their two years together, they look more similar than ever as they smile sweetly together

Zhang Han recently posted a picture of he and his girlfriend Guli Nazha celebrating Christmas together. The two of them are sitting close together in the picture, with a cake in front of them saying “Happy Second Year Anniversary”.


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+5,287] They look like a married couple!

[+4,718] I liked all the comments that were hating on them. I feel so good 👻👻

[+3,430] Why weren’t you that happy when you were with Zheng Shuang?

[+2,351] So disgusting, how dare you post about your relationship!

[+1,990] I actually feel that they’re quite suited to each other. The most important thing for two people being together is to be happy and content. Their smiles are very real when they’re together and sweetness is dripping from their eyes. Two years is not easy! Sincere wishes for you~  What right do we have to talk about other people’s relationship, it’s their life! What right do we have to judge!

[+1,928] What a good looking couple. My best wishes to you, ignore what the haters say and be yourself. Fighting!

[+822] You look like a married couple, blessings!

[+758] Best wishes for all relationships that are true love!

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