Barbie Hsu chops off her hair for her son

QQ: Barbie Hsu chops off the hair that she’s so proud of, it was all for her son

Barbie Hsu recently returned to work after delivering a child, and posted a new picture on Weibo on Dec. 24 showing off her short hair.
– She indicated through her manager, “This is to decrease the amount of time spent washing my hair so I can take care of my son!”
– She expressed that she didn’t regret it at all and her husband Wang Xiaofei fully supported her

She said, “My husband has always been in awe of my fashion sense, and he thinks the new look is incredibly good looking!”


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,751] Stop playing things up in talking about saving time to take care of the child. I want to laugh. It doesn’t take that long to wash hair. It’s not like you can skip washing your hair when you have short hair. I’m a woman, and washing hair really has nothing to do with taking care of a child. Not to mention that she has servants, does she not even have time to wash her hair???

[+1,859] Motherly love is so amazing! She saves on time washing her hair for her child! This doesn’t mean much to us, but for someone with the burden of an idol, it’s an enormous sacrifice

[+1,432] This resonates deeply with me. I’ve always had long hair as well, and cut it very, very short this year for my baby. I don’t even want to look at myself anymore. She cries so much when I shower that I could only cut it short to save time

[+977] I was the same way too, I had long hair down to my waist the month after I gave birth. Having to wash hair when one has a newborn a few months old is truly an enormous affair. I cut my hair short without another word!

[+912] A woman will sacrifice anything for her child

[+418] It’s rumored that when she was dating Vic Chou, he had to gather up her hair so that he wouldn’t crush it before he could hug her. Normal people think that there’s not much difference between long and short hair, but to Barbie Hsu, the time spent taking care of it is greatly different

[+296] It’s because she has a big face. Short hair covers half of her face and makes her face appear small

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