He Jie responds to marriage scandal for the first time

QQ: He Jie’s wedding ring is still there, responds to marriage scandal for the first time: please give me some time to take care of personal matters

Media noticed that He Jie was still wearing her wedding ring on her ring finger when she appeared for a variety show filming on Dec. 25.
– He Jie wasn’t too energetic when facing the media, but calmly expressed, “Please give me some time to take care of personal matters”

Throughout the interview, although the staff interrupted questions of a private nature multiple times, He Jie still thought back to her times of bringing her two children with her to work and on planes after giving birth.
– She reflected that, “Life is pushing you forward, so always do your best” and that “I give the children to aunties or my mother when working, abut I take care of them when I’m home.”

When asked if she still believed in love, He Jie responded affirmatively, yes!


Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+12,097] He Jie is truly a good woman

[+10,572] Any woman who still wants the children after divorce is a good woman!

[+8,816] They’d been talking about divorce but finally had a chance to make up after a while… now that the media is talking about this all over again and adding fuel to the flames, they won’t be able to wrap this up if they don’t get divorced!

[+5,396] I feel like she’s not as energetic as before. She’s matured. This is life, it makes one grow up overnight

[+2,697] What a good mother and strong woman. I suddenly feel very positively towards her!

[+2,067] I believe that a woman doesn’t easily divorce unless she’s completely dejected. She might really have had enough. No matter what, your road ahead is long. I think highly of you, good luck!

[+1,207] What does it have to do with us if they get divorced or not? The journalist needs to stop reporting on random news

[+501] Then go handle your matters, don’t take on work! You’re just media playing

[+410] He Jie, I recommend you being with Wang Baoqiang. At least he loves his women

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