[Updated] Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang shower each other with sweetness at awards ceremony

QQ: Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin shower love on each other, they only have eyes for each other

Anhui Television held their award for local films and drama on Dec. 27. Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang attended, sweetly showering love on each other.

Luo Jin bent down to help Tiffany with her shoes on the stage.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+5,521] I wish them both the best. I really like Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin. They’re both righteous and kind people. They’re both my idols. I love their dramas, “The Princess Wei Young” and “Carat Lovers”. I hope “The Princess Wei Young” has a sequel

[+2,250] Get married get married get married~~ Haha~ I like them both, I hope they both remain this sweet in the future

[+1,279] I really give you my sincere wishes. I hope you’re always happy and content, don’t be affected by the malicious rumors of someone in the industry. Be happy forever!

[+889] Luo Jin is seriously good looking

[+710] They’re making me cry

[+220] You had a perfect fine face, why’d you go get dimples put into them? It’s so ugly now and your face is stiff! I can’t tell where your chest is

[+155] Luo Jin’s lips are like he’s poisoned

[+99] Her apple cheeks are so apparent, they make her look old



Weibo: Phoenix Entertainment

[Luo Jin bends down to help Tiffany Tang with her shoes, netizens say this is true love] Netizens recently discovered that Tiffany Tang’s shoe became unbuckled when the two attended an event lately. Because Tiffany’s dress didn’t allow her to easily adjust her shoe, Luo Jin immediately stooped down to fix it for her. Tiffany was very shy and the two looked so sweet~ [心] It’s said that when asked if they would get married today, the two said that all was up to fate


Netizens comment below:

[+10,413] It wasn’t that her shoe had become unbuckled, but that her dress had become caught in her shoe. In addition, this is a normal, gentlemanly move. If it was any other couple and the lady’s dress was caught so that she couldn’t walk forward, and the man remained cold-eyed on the side watching the lady struggled with her dress herself, do you believe that the headlines the next day will be criticizing that the man isn’t gentlemanly [doge]

[+5,925] Luo Jin said all will come in due time, not up to fate. Best wishes to him! His happiness is our happiness

[+4,636] Luo Jin bent down and said, this pair of shoes is not bad. I want to wear these next time as well

[+4,333] Those who said this is an act, you likely have never truly liked someone before

[+1,687] I wish that my Luo Jin is forever happy

[+1,559] I feel that I’m the most touched. Not only did he bent down to straighten out the bit of the dress that she’d stepped on, but he continuously kept an eye on her as they walked down the steps, afraid that she’d trip[心]

[+1,093] Full of love, full of admiration, full of good wishes

[+704] Tiffany Tang is so lucky. Luo Jin is such a good man, good visuals, acting skills, height, and personality. Let me go cry now


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