Luhan takes retro themed photos for “Xplore” album

QQ: Luhan’s retro themed look book is revealed, Mika Ninagawa is at the helm of exquisite beauty

The look book for Luhan’s new album is mystically retro themed, and notable photographer Mika Ninagawa was behind the camera, placing Luhan in flower jungles or lightly caressing stained glass windows.
– The splendor of the color and light projecting on his quiet face provided an extreme visual impact
– When Luhan looked into the lens wearing a black tassel jacket and leaning against a red flower wall, he seemed to be in the midst of a middle century film

Luhan’s “Xplore” album sold 610K copies in preorders and reached double platinum status in four hours.

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  • Barabessa

    he looks so good and xplore is such a bop

  • Elizabeth

    He looks amazing and the music was so good