Netizens comment on the risqué actions of Korean girl groups

Weibo: Official Weibo

I finally understand why so many like Korean girl groups…


Netizens weigh in below:

[+7,712] These are all little groups that couldn’t officially debut and so had to take on some commercial performances

[+6,198] I’m a girl and even I am almost getting hard at these

[+3,005] Am I the only one who feels a bit sad? They don’t look any worse than official girl groups, but have to lead lives like these

[+1,882] To be honest, truly mainstream Korean girl groups aren’t like these [摊手] The hell is this [摊手]

[+1,447] How many Korean chests are natural[二哈]

[+1,390] I told myself time and time again that I’m checking Weibo, not taking a stroll through the red light district!

[+951] They’re trying very hard to sell themselves

[+921] What’s the difference between this and selling their bodies? Those who sell their bodies at least price themselves openly. This is putting up a sign for themselves

[+637] These are all little groups from little companies. Selling their bodies to try for popularity

[+388] Us twenty some year old girls will think it’s a bit shyness inducing, but to be honest, those in their teens may subconsciously imitate them. China does very little sexual education. I hope children won’t see these sexually tinged things

[+272] Gross

[+206] Reading the comments makes my heart feel stopped up. Who would be willing to do this if they could become true girl groups or had any other venues to earn money? Who isn’t doing this to live? Not to mention, if there wasn’t a need from the audience, would these kinds of actions elicit any attention? No one’s probably reading my comment by now

[+141] I only like f(x) out of all girl groups! Pretty with talent!


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