Singer Ben Xi passes away, rumored to have committed suicide from depression

QQ: 90’s line female singer Ben Xi passes away, only 22 years old, she’d just released a new song

Ben Xi’s agency announced on Dec. 27 that Ben Xi had passed away during Christmas Eve at the age of 22.
– Neither her agency nor her parents wished to discussed the reason behind her passing
– Her agency had just posted on the morning of Dec. 24 an announcement that Ben Xi would be streaming live on Christmas Day, and had posted a GIF of her practicing her dance

Ben Xi’s own Weibo was also halted at Dec. 21, when she’d last updated about her new single.
– She also shared that her new album had been finished producing and when she heard the master track in Korea, she was so touched that she even cried

Ben Xi is one of the first crop of internet singers who became popular, often mentioned in the same breath as Xu Liang, Silence Wang, and Xu Song.
– She soared to popularity in 2008 and officially signed with an agency in 2011
– Her company promoted her as “rookie of the year” and she even participated in some dramas then

Xu Liang posted on his Weibo earlier in remembrance of Ben Xi:

We practiced our scenes using this chair in my house. You were an old hat, I was a new rookie. You taught me starting from zero.

You once grabbed the neck of the guitar in the corner. Girls, they tend to find it heavy if they grab it with one hand. You said not to worry, you’re a man.

I once lent the jacket in my closet to you. It was too cold on the film site, and that jacket was thick enough. It hadn’t been washed in a while yet thought, so you had to bear up beneath that.

You really liked the song we sang together, but felt that it was a pity that you couldn’t download it, that it could only be played. I listened to it many times afterwards.

Wait a second, let me sing it for you.


There was also a screenshot of a WeChat chat log in the article that attributed Ben Xi’s death to suicide from throwing herself off the 13th story of a building due to depression.


Cnetz react below:

[+18,444] What, she’s dead? So sudden! Rest in peace!

[+11,442] I can’t believe this, what is wrong with this industry. First Qiao Renliang and then her, I’ve listened to so many of her songs

[+9,091] The heavens envy the geniuses. Looks like I won’t live past 22 years old either

[+9,107] Oh my gosh, I really like her voice. Such a pity for one so young! Go well. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

[+4,713] How can this be? So scary, I can’t believe this!

[+3,971] For certain reasons? It looks like this was something that couldn’t see the light

[+3,176] I also think this is odd. They aren’t giving the reason why. Can it be that Ben Xi was tired and wanted to live as a normal person?

[+3,097] I’ve heard of her songs before and felt that they sounded really good. This is so sudden, go well!

[+2,621] They’re always famous after they die! Forgive my stupidity, I’ve really never heard of any of her songs!

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