Wang Junkai plays the guitar and sings Jay Chou’s “Confessing Balloons”

Weibo: Official Weibo


Netizens comment below:

[+171] When I bought Jay’s album, I loved Confessing Balloons the most after Bedtime Stories. I was wondering if as Jay’s fan, Junkai would be singing this. And here we are!

[+101] I think he shouldn’t be in a group, going solo is good

[+81] Wang Junkai you’re going to be an adult next year, what are you running away from? [微笑]

[+81] Really good~ I’ve always felt that he would have a bright future in front of him after he grows up [心]

[+70] Thank you for sharing and your acknowledgement. Jay’s songs are so good but very hard to learn. We’ve watched this little boy fan improve and are genuinely happy for him. A boy who works hard and has Jay as his idol truly doesn’t cause trouble for others. [噢耶] I must listen to this multiple times at the end and use action to confess my love to my big and little male golds![爱你]

[+60] The peak of skills and visuals![羞嗒嗒]

[+55] The transitions between his notes are quite nice. He has his own style and his singing skills have greatly improved. The teachers also say when he was testing to enter a preforming arts school that Wang Junkai’s singing had solid foundations. This isn’t us bluffing, he really has that ability to him![太开心][太开心][太开心][太开心]

[+52] I’m just a bystander and I feel like he did a really good job! Stop hating in your comments! It’s a really good performance!

Wang Junkai’s performance.

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