SNH48 releases new MV for the winter holidays and holds four year anniversary concert

Sina: SNH48 releases MV for “Happy Wonder World” and dresses up in Christmas themed attire

The members of the S, N, H, X, and XII subunits dressed up in Christmas attire and danced in their MV for “Happy Wonder World”, released on Dec. 22.
– The ladies transformed into Christmas angels to send forth their holiday wishes

The MV tells of a warm story of the main character walking on the streets by herself on Christmas Eve.
– She visits another dimension due to some fortuitous occurrences and met companions from all over the world, lighting the Christmas tree that represents happiness at the end, thanks to their help

SNH48’s “Happy Wonder World”.


Qianlong: SNH48’s four year anniversary concert brings you back to warm times

SNH48’s four year anniversary concert, “Hello, We Are SNH48” will be taking place in Shanghai on Jan. 12.
– The performances during the concert will be selected in accordance to fan wishes
– The previous three generations of S subunit members, as well as some of the members from the N, H, X, XII subunits will be present as well



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