Godfrey Gao, Wu Yifan, Luhan, and Wang Leehom number amongst Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016

QQ: Top 100 Most Handsome Faces revealed, Godfrey beats out Wu Yifan and Luhan

cpoplove note: QQ blurred out all Taiwanese flags.

TC Candler recently announced the Top 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016, with Michiel Huisman coming in as the most handsome face.
– Amongst the Asian entrants, Taeyang placed #2, Godfrey Gao #7, Siwon #12, T.O.P. #16, Wu Yifan #28, Wang Leehom #48, Lee Minho #65, Luhan #69, Takeshi Kaneshiro #93, amongst others.


Cnetz comment below:

[+1,036] Has anyone discovered that Godfrey Gao, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Wang Leehom’s upper right are all blurred out? Is there something wrong with their nationalities? (cpoplove note: They were all labeled with the Taiwanese flag)

[+953] I laugh at the validity of this ranking when I see Luhan and Wu Yifan

[+596] So this means that Daniel Wu isn’t handsome? Jason Statham isn’t handsome? Those are real men, what’s with the sissies?

[+494] Taeyang is number two? Are you joking? He’s so ugly, have you never seen him with no makeup on?

[+211] I’ve never felt Wu Yifan or Luhan was handsome. They look like sissie and don’t look like men

[+148] The hell, what is this? How come there are so many Koreans? They don’t look all that good…

[+145] The hell! The young Vincent Chiao, Lu Yi, and Kenny Ho are truly handsome!

[+93] Where’s male god Eddie Peng?? He beats all of these into the ground!

[+81] I think Robert Downey Jr. is more handsome. I have no comment on these Chinese sissies


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  • Ultimately the rankings are just an opinion piece regardless of whether it was compiled by one person or one hundred people. I wish they wouldn’t take it so seriously and understand that it’s just a bit of recognition. It doesn’t invalidate your bias so calm down 😏

  • Barabessa

    i never get why people lose their mind about this irrelevant ranking …. like really taeyang in the second place… beauty is indead subjective.

    • Nel

      This shit is actually ridiculous, last year they ranked yifan as “Kris (Wu Yifan) from 🇰🇷” and used a photo from 2012, they didn’t even have their basic facts checked and people still acted like it was the most relevant/biggest ranking of the year.

      • Barabessa

        this ranking is so kpop biased that’s all…

  • Nel

    (irrelevant ranking that is weirdly getting attention but..) cnetz: Wu Yifan and Luhan are only famous because they look good! No talent!

    also cnetz: i laugh at the validity of this ranking when i see Wu Yifan and Luhan

  • Lilu Gill

    Asian people give attention to the TC Candler beauty poll because the People Most Beautiful Man only give attention to the Hollywood and british celebrities. But TC Candler give relevance to the asian stars and give material to netizens’ comments.