The magically changing faces of these female celebrities

QQ: The hundred changes of these female stars, they can churn out a hundred different changes

Elva Hsiao’s face has been changing all along. She was a cute mono eyelid person in the beginning, and once said that she would never change to double eyelids, but couldn’t stay true in the end. Her face changes every time she appears in public now.



Zheng Shuang’s historically cute and fresh faced look won her many fans. She’s become the topic of conversation since being broken up, undergoing plastic surgery, and losing a ton of weight. However, her condition is slowly improving now and she’s rising back to her previous level of visuals.


Cindy Wang’s face is the subject of much discussion every time she appears in the public eye. Many feel regretful that she can’t return back to her previous innocent and cute looks. There are also other who are shocked by her continuously changing face.

Gong Xin is Queen of changing faces. She hasn’t acted in any highly visible roles and actually acts very infrequently, but cameras follow her whenever she appears in events and on the red carpet!


Shang Wengjie debuted from winning a singing competition and was still in college then. Truthfully speaking, she was a bit of a country bumpkin at first, but her demeanor changed greatly with some makeovers. However, once she set foot onto the path of changing her face, her face has remained stiff ever since then.

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  • It’s sad that they went that far with their plastic surgery.

    I’m the most sad about Cindy since I’ve watched her for years and she was so fresh in the beginning. I saw her recently and was sure that it couldn’t be her but I was wrong lol…

    • L.A_21

      Yeah. She looks like a doll before ps.

  • L.A_21

    They all look better before. Plastic surgery is used to upgrade your visual not ruined it. How sad.

  • meis

    No proof. All empty talks. Endless allegations. You guys can actually tell by looking to some photos
    ONLY? Do you know what is “makeup” and “photo angle”? Human minds are so weak.