Stars offer up their 2017 wishes and posts about their New Year performances

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Wu Yifan and Jiang Shuying suddenly started a dance off during the livestream, and even did an impromptu mannequin challenge. Amazing…

[+3,781] A walking clothes hanger, Wu Yifan is so handsome

[+3,632] Putting everything else aside, Wu Yifan is seriously good looking!! Clothes hanger!!

[+3,311] Super cute [心][心]  your live is becoming better and better

[+3,079] This was seriously a part in which the guy was handsome and the girl was beautiful. Jiang Shuying didn’t get the point of the Mannequin Challenge, hahahahaha.

[+2,898] Allow me to say one thing. Wu Yifan is too damned handsome[怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂][怒骂]

[+2,828] Super handsome

[+2,726] My love to Wu Yifan, everyone Happy New Year!

[+2,520] It was really interesting. Jianshu TV’s end of the year concert was really quite nice. I really liked it, the guys were handsome and the girls beautiful

[+1,829] Super awkward



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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… yay~ Happy New Year!

Yoga Lin performed in Macau for Jiangsu TV along with JJ Lin, Jolin Tsai, William Chan, Wu Yifan, amongst many other notable stars.



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Let’s be brave together. @ Joe Chen


Xie Na and Joe Chen had a very touching performance on the stage in which the two embraced in tears.


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Hunan TV’s concert has concluded successfully. Energy boy needs to replenish his energy. Come and have some with me, I’ll peel your shrimp for you!

[+1,264] Like me if you’re spending New Year’s Eve alone

[+466] Happy New Year

[+390] Where’s Tian Xin? I want to see Tian Xin!

[+98] Jia Nailing you’re real and not fake, a rare breath of fresh air in the industry. I like how even though you’re nervous during interviews, you’re not self deprecating or demanding. I like your warmth and sincerity, your gentleness and joking personality. I like the way you wave bye to fans. Thank you for your appearance. This circle is better because of you[心][心]

[+71] Brother Liang, looking good today!

[+66] Brother Liang, this is naked temptation [色][色][色]



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Leave all sadness in 2016, be happy in 2017… Everyone Happy New Year

[+11,581] Will I still get likes now if I hate on Ma Rong?

[+9,514] Happy New Year Baoqiang

[+5,439] No one will protest if I quietly say that Wang Baoqiang is the most handsome, right? [摊手]

[+4,192] Fighting Baoqiang [心]


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