Stars turn out for Faye Wong’s concert

QQ: All sorts of big names gather for Faye Wong’s concert

Faye Wong held her first concert in six years on Dec. 30, with an enormous number of stars turning out to attend her performance.
– Ziyi Zhang, Zhao Wei, Eason Chan, Carina Lau, Eddie Peng, and Ma Yun were amongst those who attended


Cnetz react below:

[+4,021] So good. The best singer in the world. Very few people cover her songs because they can’t imitate her. She has a naturally invincible voice

[+3,962] As a bystander, I happen to click in last night to watch the live stream. I had a feeling that I couldn’t explain. I still really want to go back and watch it. This is likely the allure of a queen. I haven’t heard most of her songs before, but her aura was so magnificent and I really liked the style that night, there was an uncommon air to it. I had to say that I kept watching until it ended… and the 20 million audience members on Tencent’s live stream couldn’t bear to live…

[+3,592] No guests, no interaction with the audience. Just continually singing. The conscience of the entertainment industry

[+3,406] It was wonderful. It’s very difficult for someone of her age to be able to sing like this. I’m completely touched. Even if she’s not as good as before, who’s perfect? I don’t watch her concert just to listen to her, but because I want to see her and all of her different styles. I want to see her easy going-ness and her realness. This is enough

[+2,918] I watched the entire live stream yesterday. I feel very thankful towards Tencent because they broadcasted for free. Her songs are still that good. Very touching, I’ll always support you

[+1,877] The forever queen. My life has been worth living for. Career, love, children, and friends. Who is as happy as her?

[+857] She only had one performance so that we could understand more about her, her children, and her lover

[+665] She wasn’t fully in the zone in the first two songs but became better and better towards the end. She didn’t say anything from beginning to end, suddenly starting and suddenly ending. She just sang from beginning to end. I felt tired watching her, don’t really understand it~

Weibo: Circle’s Weibo

Faye Wong’s concert is over, Gong Linna says: She lost her color, her breathing, and her pitch. How do you see this? [二哈][二哈][二哈]


Netizens weigh in below:

[+58,155] You only know how to run off your mouth

[+46,096] I’m going to follow Gong Linna just based off these words alone

[+39,696] I saw people hating on Gong Linna in the comments. I laughed. First of all, a person’s music accomplishments aren’t based off whether her songs are popular or not. In addition, anyone who’s learned music know that teacher Gong stunned so many with one song that year. That kind of artistic level is something one or two “classic” songs can measure up to, pardon me for speaking bluntly. Therefore, I can only pity your ignorance

[+31,832] The hell are you talking about

[+27,367] As a college student majoring in vocal, I support Gong Linna. People who don’t know who she is or what basis she has to criticize Faye Wong, please Baidu it (China’s Google) and increase your knowledge. Thank you

[+23,396] The difference between a female singer and a female artist

[+18,149] Although she has some problems herself, let’s talk about the matter at hand. Her words are quite real and better than those just kissing up to Faye Wong

[+13,396] How daring, someone’s finally spoken the truth

[+12,433] Her concert tickets were so expensive and the scalpers raised the prices to the heavens. Does this kind of performance measure up to the expectations of fans and the audience?

[+6,976] I’ve never understood why Faye Wong is a queen


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