Zhang Jike princess carries Zhao Liying and wants to “elope” together

QQ: Zhang Jike princess carries Zhao Liying, wants to “elope” together

Zhao Liying and Zhang Jike (Chinese table tennis player, ranked fourth in the world) participated in Dongfang TV’s end of the year concert, and Zhang Jike couldn’t contain his urge to princess carry Zhao Liying when they met.


Cnetz comment below:

[+2,790] Liying’s worked hard too, she’s wonderful

[+2,210] Zhang Jiekie just play your ball. The entertainment circle isn’t suitable for you. You don’t know how to dress yourself and look like such a country bumpkin

[+1,390] Zhang Jike really irritates me. He doesn’t work hard during practice and is always criticized by the coach, but still likes to put on an expression that he’s all that

[+525] Zhao Liying is so popular simply because her acting skills are amazing

[+507] Keke is handsome, but the stylist ruined him

[+325] Everyone knows that money is easily made in the entertainment circle and that there are many brainless fans

[+294] You hugged her just because you played well?

[+247] Why do I feel like they match so well

[+155] I like both of them

[+128] I really wanted to tell them to go out with each other when I saw them singing!



QQ: Zhao Liying accused of lip syncing during New Year’s Eve concert, netizens say: better than some trainwrecks

[+22] I don’t understand why even lip syncing is complimented. I laughed

[+8] Whether real or not, I only watch Dongfang. It’s good enough if it’s entertaining, why are bored people caught up in so much random stuff? It’s her voice and not yours.

[+2] First of all, I watched the broadcast and feel that she was singing for real. There are also way too many lip syncing examples at concerts like these, what’s the point of targeting Liying? You just want to hate on her. She’s not a professional singer. So organizers like to invite her. What can you do about that?

“You could tell from her mouth shape that she was lip syncing.”


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  • Amelia

    Jealousy comes hand in hand regardless if you are famous or not.. Even amongst ordinary people who are not famous..To the haters out there remember the song of the late Michael Jackson? The man in the Mirror..If you don’t know it I suggest you all listen to it..Stop judging??………For one day you also will be judged….I have alot of respect towards Zhao li ying as she is a very humble person….She has come a long way and worked very hard to where she is today… By the way before you pass judgement on me I am an 80 year person of Chinese origin and grew up in Hong Kong but now reside in Sydney Australia. .