Li Bingbing posts pictures admitting to new relationship

QQ: Li Bingbing posts close pictures admitting to new relationship, everything was for the best

Paparazzi revealed that Li Bingbing was traveling with a male friend 18 years younger than her, and posted pictures of her in a white dress, walking hand in hand with a man in a white t-shirt on the beach.
– She later posted on Weibo saying that, “everything is for the best”, admitting to the relationship


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,781] Life’s winner, good good

[+1,242] Congratulations to my goddess!

[+974] Whether in terms of acting skills or EQ, Li Bingbing is better than Fan Bingbing

[+829] Why do men all look for women a dozen years older than them now? I don’t get it

[+536] I know a lot of women who know how to do aegyo the older they get

[+510] I feel like this man is particularly fake. I don’t get why I get this feeling. Does anyone else feel the same? Perhaps this man’s in love with her for her money..

[+449] So when she’s 55, he’s only going to be 40. He’s so going to cheat

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  • L.A_21

    The Cnetz are so nega, they should congratulate her first.

    • MMM

      I don’t want to be negative but when the woman is older …. it’s really really hard to keep the relationship stable. And 18 years gap is too big.
      Because like many men said, they find “younger” better than “older” (in love or not).

      • L.A_21

        I know what you mean. My Mom & Dad has 8 years age gap (My Mom is older) and they always fighting these days and already plan to file an annulment but since it’s not common in my country, they act like strangers inside our house and only talk about financial matters (which they often fought about).

        Although I know my Dad is not ‘really’ cheating with my Mom, I’ve read messages of him flirting with a friend in Messenger before and my Mom does the same to this ‘foreign guy’ but in the end it was caught that he’s scammer and just want to scam money from my Mom. Tragic! They’ve lost their trust and love to each other. I’m tired of them bickering in our kitchen and living room as if we didn’t hear them.

        • MMM

          Your mum should be really careful. I don’t know her age but after 45 years old, it’s hard for a woman to find love again. (It’s not impossible, but it’s harder).
          Because there are more and more women “20+ years old” who search for husband (and they are deseperate af)
          The concurrences is bigger and with SOCIAL NETWORK like FB, TW, TINDER…’s easy for a guy to pick any deseperate girls.

          If your mum is rich or not, she should date someone who is richer than her. There are many scammers (especially I saw an documentary of nigerian scammers).
          They use FB, put pictures of foreigners white man. And start to chat with women (older women 45+) who search for love again (naive and not have that much experience on social network).
          Those scammers pretend that the withe guy (the fake profil) is in a trouble in africa and need money to get out of the country.
          And many naive women believe in it and send money.

          For your parents, none of them seems to care about the relationship and are in their own world. If at least one of them have some feeling, they can do something to make it work.

          To make a relationship work it need; LOVE, SEX and COMMUNICATION.
          Men complain that they don’t have that much sex when they want it.
          Women complain that they don’t receive that much attention and communication when they need it.
          So they think that they can find better……while they can make their relationship work if both agree to work on what the other complain.
          And when the woman is older, she is acting like a Boss.

  • Xiaoshu

    18 years younger than her?

    I hope she is fine.