Zhao Liying declines to cooperate with an impromptu checkpoint and remains in her car

QQ: Zhao Liying is stopped by a checkpoint on the highway, declines to get out of car because of her identity

Zhao Liying was rushing to a film site in Shanghai earlier today when she ran into a checkpoint on the highway.
– Her assistant communicated with the police that a celebrity was in the car and thus it’d be inconvenient for her to get out of the car
– Her car became surrounded with many policemen and they negotiated for quite a period of time
– Finally, the police checked Zhao Liying’s ID and cursed continuously as they did so, saying “Who knows who she is!” and “All celebrities must cooperate in the future!”


Cnetz react below:

[+53,389] I’m going to say first that I’m not a hater! I’m just talking about the matter at hand. Even the biggest stars are not above the law! You have the obligation to cooperate with the law enforcers if you’re Chinese! That a celebrity is in the car isn’t a reason to decline cooperation! I hope you pay attention next time and recognize your position! A celebrity is just your job and your title! You’re still Chinese at the heart of it! Even foreigners have the obligation to follow the law, not to mention a born and bred Chinese!

[+26,355] Brother Fa and his wife often shop in the street to buy clothes. He’s an even bigger star than this celebrity, but he never talks about his status! You’re pretending that your chickens feathers are phoenix feathers!

[+26,250] Brainless Chinese fans have raised celebrities who like to throw their weight around

[+19,377] What if she had drugs on her? So many celebrities do drugs! It’s not targeted at her. Everyone is equal in front of the law

[+14,182] I used to like her dramas, but I don’t like her recently. The police are doing their job on a cold day for the people. Who do you think you are? Lacking in manners to even take your mask off!

[+11,759] This is nuts… you’re a celebrity… are you different from ordinary people?

[+11,174] Who recognizes you that late at night? Hurry and get through the checkpoint so you can leave. It’s like you’re afraid that no one knows you

[+9,550] A celebrity is just a celebrity. You’re only something in front of brainless fans, but still ordinary in front of ordinary people. You set yourself on a pedestal and are unwilling to get off it. Do you really think you’re all that? Just remember, you’re an entertainer. An entertainer is the downfall of the nation

[+2,765] So hilarious! Some people didn’t even read the article before blindly hating in the comments! She didn’t say that she wouldn’t cooperate, just that she wanted to be checked in the car! Did you guys see in the article that they checked her ID for a long time? She’s a celebrity after all and is afraid of unnecessary trouble! What celebrity disease!

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  • Barabessa

    and witch hunt start…. if it’s true is no very smart what she did when she know hater are waiting tiny mistake to bash her and end her career….

  • Qple

    Lol, her studio released a statement saying that this did not happen at all and that she did her best in cooperating with the police. Said they’re going to pursue legal action if the articles aren’t taken down. True or not, I wouldn’t be so quick in believing this so called news.

  • Raquel Ascarez
  • Xiaoshu

    True or not? the trust is cele always act as they are king or queen.

  • L.A_21

    True or not. I don’t really like this ‘princess disease’ on celebrities overall.