Dee Hsu’s “Sister’s Hungry” is cancelled due to inappropriateness

QQ: Dee Hsu’s “Sister’s Hungry” is cancelled because she takes things too far

Dee Hsu started hosting her new show in summer of 2016, “Sister’s Hungry”, and invites new male guests each episode to brazenly interact with them.
– She also teases them to entertain the audience
– The show is broadcasted online via iQiyi
– The show was recently cancelled because Dee Hsu went too far in touching male guests and would likely have to edit it quite a bit before it could be broadcast again

New regulations were instituted on Dec. 20 regulating internet TV shows and will be requiring shows to supply information to determine if they are up to par.
– Those that fail the regulations will be forbidden from broadcast, and those that engage in too much media play or result in unhealthy influence will be cancelled after broadcast as well


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,985] Dee Hsu is known for taking advantage of male celebrities, are any of her shows conservative? This is a challenge on conservative morals, and is not appropriate for broadcast on TV channels. It’s reasonable that it was cancelled!

[+2,379] I’ve never watched her shows and I’ve always felt that they were quite awkward… not interested at all!

[+1,937] She can only make use of this to earn views, she entertains people without a sense of shame

[+1,761] So damn shameless, how does her husband accept things?

[+516] There are many who take advantage of male celebrities in China… male makeup artists touch the butts of female celebrities when helping them with their undergarments…

[+378] Her show style is just like that, but her age is advanced and she can’t use her age as an excuse to act crazily. A MC should have their own tempo

[+304] I thought she was Jin Xing from the photo

[+237] I have no opinion in this kind of show being cancelled, but many perfectly fine TV shows are cancelled, what’s the meaning of that?

[+162] It’s just for the show, what’s with the huge reaction?

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  • Women should be held to the same standards as men. I’m glad people are seeing that this type of behavior is inappropriate for anyone and not laughing it off just because she’s a female.