Jin Xing’s house is full of an antique flavor

QQ: Jin Xing and husband show off her love, her house is full of antique flavor

Jin Xing posted a picture on Jan. 5, showing off her house along with her interactions with her husband.


Cnetz weigh in:

[+16,175] These two need a lot of oil… a lot of lubricant oil…

[+11,949] A bunch of perverts are discussing her, but you’re the true perverts compared to Jin Xing. Your thoughts are disgusting. Did she curse at you? Did she harm you? They’ve put forth a lot more on their path of life than you guys. Do you have the right to curse at her like this?

[+9,344] This is the first time I’m discovering so many haters! Her show is great, really fantastic! She dares to be herself and I’m very admiring of her braveness!

[+8,501] I don’t care at what the world thinks of me. As long as I’m in your eyes, that is the world! Sister Jin, I admire you! I also wish you the best! What you have now is worthy of what you’ve experienced!

[+3,658] Aren’t two men great brothers?

[+3,019] Isn’t it gross that two men are sitting together?

[+2,737] Last time I was ill informed and didn’t watch Jin Xing’s Chinese style matchmaking. The journalist took things out of context saying that she was criticizing parents for making their children be in relationships in which the woman is older. I even left comments then. I watched the show episode last week and finally realized that things weren’t how the journalist had presented them at all. She had a guest that was often home alone because their parents were only concerned with work, making the child lack security since young. Therefore, the guest’s qualities for a girlfriend when he grew up was to find a mature girlfriend. Jin Xing said that although work was important, a child’s body and heart are even more so. Even if you make lot of money now, it’s very difficult to change what’s happened to a child after they’ve grown up. The guest cried then, and so did their mother. She said to her son that “Mommy will be better in the future and love you and take care of you”. I cried when I saw that… I treat all the journalist’s words as bullshit from that day forth…

[+2,215] Everyone has their own goals, so what of transexuals? She didn’t break the law and didn’t do anything immoral. People only have one life. We should live it happily as long as we’re not harming others


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  • L.A_21

    The comments are nasty. I just can’t! So what if she’s a transgender? For what I know it’s not a sin to be happy.