Netizens mock Yang Mi for being half bald

QQ: Yang Mi’s hairline can never go back? Netizens laugh that she’s half bald

[+8,686] Some people aren’t suited to reveal their forehead, and some aren’t used to bangs. No one’s perfect!

[+6,454] Women with high foreheads are frivolous! And stupid as well

[+4,879] Journalist, you reveal your forehead too! Most people have high hairlines, particularly women who’ve had children. You don’t have to report on it if you don’t like it, stop picking new targets to hate everyday!

[+4,646] That’s not a high hairline, but too many shots in her forehead so it’s bulges a lot

[+2,329] So pretty! Narrow foreheads are ugly! Big foreheads are pretty

[+2,277] Her face is really small and her hairline is really high, but she’s not ugly. She looks good in a camera

[+2,029] People with these kinds of foreheads are really smart…

[+1,861] Even if her hairline is high, she’s still very pretty

[+1,377] Her hairline was high to begin with

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  • Reporters are bigger antis’ than almost any other netizen. I’m glad that many aren’t falling for the bait.

  • pffc

    No matter what, Yang Mi is one of the A lister with tons of following. Currently enjoying 3 Lives 3 World, 10 Miles of Peach Blossom.