Fan Bingbing and Li Chen unite for a photoshoot together

QQ: Fan Bingbing and Li Chen unite for a CF, netizens put their attention on her legs

Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s recent spring shots for a brand they endorse was the subject of much discussion, netizens posted their photos and said that it was so lovely that two have had many jobs together since going out.
– Some netizens noticed that Fan Bingbing’s calves were fat and thick in the photo, saying that they were quite cute!


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,101] Fan Bingbing had a great eye in selecting Li Chen! If her personality was truly that bad, then it would be normal to swap out so many boyfriends! Stop hating, being happy is enough! We’re just here for the show!

[+3,833] I like them and best wishes for them. They’re so loving

[+3,603] The international bus + stone headed depraved guy = disgusting couple

[+3,204] Fan Bingbing’s media play = netizens reveal… netizens criticize… netizens compliment… When netizens truly speak their mind, then that’s envy, jealousy, or hate. Sometimes other celebrities are brought into her news as well… but none media play as well as her

[+2,508] Brother Chen is the most unlucky man (in terms of his girlfriend cheating) in the entertainment circle

[+2,307] Ruby has already had her child, you should hurry and get married to have your own children!

[+1,758] A good looking couple. I like Fan Bingbing. A strong woman, I support you! Those who rumormonger, please collect some good karma, thank you

[+1,506] So handsome and pretty, I like! My best wishes, I hope to hear good news from you this year…

[+980] Stop talking about their past. Everyone makes mistakes. As long as she doesn’t cheat after knowing Li Chen, I think things are fine then. Does someone not live after getting a divorce? As long as she’s not a scheming b*tch like Ma Rong. I look well upon them. I wish them happiness…

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  • Xiaoshu

    Li Chen is such a good guy. Lucky FBB!

  • L.A_21

    Whom Fan Bing Bing cheated on? I haven’t heard this before…