Jolin Tsai throws a birthday party for her beloved dog’s 10th birthday

QQ:Jolin Tsai holds a birthday party for her beloved 10 year old dog, netizens sigh that humans are less than dogs

Jolin Tsai’s Bichon Frise “Ooh Hu” was ten years old on Jan. 7, and Jolin invited a bunch of friends and set a dress code to celebrate her baby’s birthday.
– She streamed it live on Facebook, and said that she learned through someone who can communicate to pets that her dog wanted to have a birthday party
– She invited many classmates and friends to celebrate, and even set a pink dress code

Jolin attempted to show off all the tricks that she’d taught her dog over the years, but Ooh Hu was having none of it.
– It only responded when the cake was brought out, delighting the room

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+788] Those of you who sleep with dogs at night will understand

[+690] Those who have dogs will understand that when a dog is ten years old, that means the number of days in which the dog can keep the owner company is already counting down. A dog’s immune system will slowly fade away starting after ten years old, and will roar back to life one more time before they leave this world. I’m not anyone’s fan, but haters need to try for some good karma

[+609] One only envies a dog when your life is worse than a dog’s!

[+291] Humans are truly less than dogs, I’m already 35 damn it, but I’m so busy every year that I don’t remember my own birthday

[+220] Humans are indeed less than dogs sometimes. Dogs know gratitude, some people don’t even know that

[+109] Putting on such a huge party for a dog’s birthday, why don’t I ever hear of the same for your parents’ birthday? You can really media play. I hate stars like these. Yes yes yes, you have money and your dog is so noble

[+75] Uglier and uglier

[+48] Fans are less than dogs. She’ll give her dog such a birthday, but she won’t do the same for her fans

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  • L.A_21

    Honestly I’m gonna give my dog a birthday bash if I’m rich and have a dog too. But 1st dog died when I was in Grade 4, he’s only 2-3 years old, our second household dog was given back to it’s owner because my Mother became a wicked freak she thinks the puppy bite my niece when she just scratch it the iron wire (I heard he also died from my Uncle) and the third puppy we got (he’s a stray dog) died 1 week after we found him trap in our backyard (we don’t why he gotten there), idk why died either maybe because he’s a stray dog (My Sister thinks that he has multiple digestion illness + he’s lonely), I think he’s not even a 1 year old puppy (maybe 6months and up). And it sucks to have a family who are not fond of dogs in the household that’s why I can’t really own one. 🙁