Netizens comment on Sulli’s social media posts and pictures

QQ: She was once Korea’s most innocent star, her image now is so out of control

Cnetz comment below:

[+2,317] Why do I feel like she’s not pretty. There’s women like her everywhere in China

[+1,908] Her looks are ordinary, but her butt is really nice

[+1,467] She was like this before, but was just packaged in order to debut

[+977] Is there innocence in the entertainment industry? Don’t make me laugh, we’re talking about Korea here~~

[+468] She’s asking to be f*****

[+431] Why must girls be innocent. I feel like this is very real

[+356] Choiza is an old hat at this, he trained her well

[+323] Perhaps this is the real her, although bold, but happy… I remember reading her news before, she didn’t have a good childhood and past life


Source: PTT

Tnetz comment below:

“That’s really pretty.”

“She’s so fair, I look forward to her movies.”

“They’re actually photographed really nicely…”

“She’s just being unleashed from a good little girl, there’s nothing much about this.”

“What do you mean by crazy… crazy updates? XD”

“Korea’s version of Miley Cyrus.”

“So beautiful, I like the freed Sulli.”

“It looks really nice, this is just a normal look book photoshoot.”

“If by Japanese idol standards, this is really normal. XD”

“The lines of her butt are so pretty…”

“This is really nothing compared to AKB, and they’re really pretty pictures. I like that she’s being herself.”

“This is very normal for Japan. She’s making a huge contribution to loosening up Korea.”

“Are these crazy shots? What an abnormal description.”

“Korean netizens should really look at more Japanese cookbooks.”

“I think this is because there is too much of a divide between what Korean stars can do and Japanese celebrities. In Japan, actors/actresses, singers, and even comedic acts will take pictures like this. Korea doesn’t seem to have this kind of culture.”


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  • Sulli is an odd case. On one hand, yeah she had the image that she was packaged in to debut and survive as an idol. On the other hand, she’s a grown woman who can do what she wants. I think people are having a hard time disconnecting what she’s doing from how they saw her before. A lot of people act this way. Should they? Probably not but it’s not like what she’s doing is really unique. The biggest difference is that her audience is much larger than the average person so she may be stepping up her game so to speak. And for those that are saying that Choiza caused all of this, I have to disagree. Sulli knows what’s she’s doing and the effect it has so it’s disrespectful to her to imply she’s too weak that Choiza turned her into this. More than anything it seems like a giant middle finger to netizens who are judging her so hard. I do hope that there is nothing wrong with her mentally though (like a mental break down) and that she’s fine. Even without schedules and events, being a celebrity is still hard and she’s probably having a hard time.

  • Nel

    Very refreshing comments after seeing the same knet nonsense every time she does anything 😌

    • cpoplove

      Me too! I was like wha? Positive netizen comments?! *MUST TRANSLATE*