Ruby Lin gives birth to a baby girl and wants to have a second child

QQ: Ruby Lin laughs that her daughter has two dimples, plans to have second child

Ruby Lin had a c-section before her delivery date, with husband Wallace Huo keeping company throughout the entire process.
– Many celebrity friends sent their well wishes, and Ruby started responding to all her texts, but yet other friends lectured her that new mothers should use their eyes too much!
– The low profile couple doesn’t intend on showing off pictures of their daughter, but their daughter combined the single dimple from both parents to have two dimples
– Ruby said, “She has two dimples! We both have one on each side and she’s collected both of them! Her daddy also keeps holding her and refuses to put her down.”

Wallace Huo had been filming in China, and even though he wasn’t finished yet, he’d returned to Taiwan to keep Ruby company through this time.
– Ruby shared that, “When I heard my daughter cry for the first time, I immediately started crying, it was magical!”

Wallace took pictures but didn’t film the process. Ruby said that, “I couldn’t see his face, so don’t know if he cried or not. Add to that when the baby came out, he went to the nurse’s station to look at the tests. I couldn’t move, but we’re both very touched!”

Many brands came knocking on her door for endorsements when she was pregnant, but she rejected most of them because she was unsure if the products were trustworthy, and she didn’t want to show off her pregnant belly.
– After giving birth, she wants to return to filming and producing as soon as possible, and wants to have a second child as well

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+8,263] This indicates that Ruby Lin quite valued her own body before marriage. She wouldn’t have had a child so quickly afterwards. Too many women have too much fun when they’re young, and find that they’re too late when they really want children

[+8,079] Of course she needs to have another child! It would be a waste not to have another child with such good genes

[+4,882] For some reason, there have been many marriages and births in the entertainment industry these years, but I was so touched seeing Ruby Lin giving birth today. Perhaps it’s because I think that she’s compromised to grab onto the last chance of happiness in this life, perhaps I hope that I’ll be as happy as her, perhaps..

[+4,303] The little princess must be very beautiful!!

[+2,802] I hope Ruby is happy and content, and that the baby grows up healthy and well

[+2,686] My husband and I have a dimple on each side as well, my son has two dimples

[+1,968] Congratulations to Ruby. Slap all those haters who said you were forcing a marriage, look at Wallace treasure his own daughter

[+1,839] Congratulations, congratulations, I’m so happy

[+1,519] Don’t keep holding her, otherwise she’ll start crying as soon as you put her down and will want you to hold her even when asleep

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