Request: Chen Sicheng’s revealed to have cheated on Tong Liya, details could be found in variety shows

QQ: Tong Liya’s dad “likes” a Weibo status update, happiness will come to a patient heart

Tong Liya, her father, and Chen Sicheng.

Paparazzi revealed on Jan. 9 that Tong Liya’s husband Chen Sicheng spent a night in the same room with two girls.
– He’s suspected to have cheated on his marriage, but Tong Liya has yet to say anything about this
– On the evening of Jan. 10, netizens discovered that Tong Liya’s father liked a status Weibo that says happiness will come to a patient heart


Cnetz react below: 

[+3,563] I’d get a divorce if I was Tong Liya. It’s not like she doesn’t have money or visuals, why must she endure this?

[+2,288] I don’t get it, why must she endure this? A woman most hold out for a scumbag and try to get the ultimate victory in the end? Is there a need for this? Why harm yourself in the countless nights ahead?

[+1,407] What is there to wait for for scum like this? With your daughter’s visuals and abilities, she can easily find someone better than Chen Sicheng!

[+835] Even if I had no money, I’d divorce without hesitation if my husband cheated. There’s no way to endure this, too disgusting… even if I had no money, I’d take the kids away with me. There’s always a way out, not to mention that actors don’t lack money and don’t nee dot endure this

[+679] So many women choose to forgive the man after he cheats because of the children, but what of when a woman cheats?

[+273] I don’t understand what her dad is thinking. Why endure for such scum? Is it that his own daughter doesn’t have enough money for the kids, or will her children be unable to leave when they leave this scum? This dad…



QQ: Chen Sicheng revealed to have cheated, hints could be found in variety shows

Chen Sicheng has yet to make a statement since it’s been revealed that he cheated on Tong Liya, but fans and netizens have exploded into action and have analyzed their marriage from all directions.

When Tong Liya called Chen Sicheng in “It Takes a Real Man 2”, Chen Sicheng didn’t pick up. When Tong Liya was interviewed what she would do if her other half cheated on her, she said all was fine as long as he came home…
– Netizens also dug up footage from two years ago when the two were on a variety show together. When Tong Liya talked about their relationships, netizens said that obvious disdain was on Chen Sicheng’s face


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+4,721] I feel like Tong Liya will forgive him. This is the most heartbreaking part about all this

[+2,365] What I want to say is that how come no female star has ever had a divorce because her husband cheated on her? What’s wrong with all these people?

[+2,126] I’ve always felt something was shady about Chen and that he didn’t really feel real. He looked fake no matter how I looked at him. I don’t know if it was something about his features or what. Just my instincts, don’t hate me if you don’t like what I say

[+1,946] Actually, everyone’s cheating. Just some are discovered, and some aren’t

[+1,115] If Ma Rong formed a family with him, they’d likely be on the same level

[+978] Liya, even his assistant has an attitude towards you. How could would this man be to you? Wake up! You’re still young. This isn’t something that can be forgiven once or twice. I really feel that this isn’t worth it for you

[+776] I listened to the phone call in “Real Men 2”. When he heard it was Tong Liya, he said that he was filming and then hung up. =_=

[+671] I feel like the only person who dares get rid of a guy as soon as he cheats is Fan Bingbing! Where are all the other female celebrities’ love for themselves?



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  • May

    It’s funny how 2015 and early 2016 were filled with marriages in the industry and now celeb news have all these cheating and troubled relationships going on

  • L.A_21

    “When Tong Liya was interviewed what she would do if her other half cheated on her, she said all was fine as long as he came home…”

    Her answer bothered me a lot. If I were her, before my cheating husband will come home I’ll plant a time bomb first so when the time that he will come back home it will explode. Really mean but I don’t get why she’s being a martyr.

    BTW, I requested this. Thanks admin. I don’t know the whole story since I just saw 2 pics of Chen Sicheng in twitter where it was captured that he welcome 2 girls in different photos in a hotel while Tong Liya is away while filming Real Men. Damn guy.

    • simperingsentimentalist

      Unfortunately, her mindset was dominated by the fact that she had to keep face and keep the family together! I’m happy now that she’s doing the best for herself and her child by divorcing him.