Request: Which star do you think has the best visuals besides from your ultimate bias?

Source: Weibo

Apart from your ultimate bias, which other star do you think is incredibly hot, super super super good looking, and fully fulfills your beauty standards?


Netizens weigh in below:

[+10,796] Probably Wu Yifan…

[+10,027] Wu Yifan, too good looking

[+9,545] Wu Yifan!!

[+9,362] Seriously, if we only speak of face, then Wu Yifan. Super good looking

[+9,325] Wu Yifan, hahaha

[+8,779] The poster already said non-idols… a bunch of people are here to recommend idols, is this really okay? If you make me say a name, I really bow down to Wu Yifan’s face

[+8,144] Wu Yifan isn’t an idol

[+8,075] And and Wu Yifan’s face is seriously amazing

[+8,071] Wu Yifan

[+8,024] Wu Yifan, his body and face are all my type

[+7,774] Wu Yifan… his features are flawless

[+6,637] I’m not Wu Yifan’s fan, but I think he looks really good. I’m satisfied with everything about him

[+6,008] Wu Yifan, you’ll understand why if you look at the shadows on the wall. He’s really like an anime character, the visuals of a god

[+3,373] It looks like you’ve all forgotten Takashi Kashiwabara

[+2,686] Daniel Wu 

[+2,424] Angelababy. Even if she’s not a natural beauty, I still think she’s beautiful

[+1,705] Luhan

[+1,121] Tomohisa Yamashita


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