Luhan drops MV for “Winter Song”, part of his “Xplore” album

Sohu: Luhan’s “Winter Song” MV comes online, a vintage style creates a fantasyland

Luhan’s “Winter Song” MV dropped on Jan. 9, and an international team was once again employed to create a mythical realm, using music to once again break through visual barriers, giving fans a festival for the ears.


Since Luhan brought out “Xplore”, he’s used cutting edge music in visually breathtaking MVs, giving audience a brand new visual and audio experience.
– The attention to details in his MV are on par with the exquisiteness of movies and is ahead of the pack for MVS in China
– Director Mika Ninagawa is a Japanese photographer and director, known for her vibrant and brightly colored photographs of flowers, goldfish, and landscapes. She has enjoyed significant commercial success in fashion and advertising. (Source Wikipedia)
– Mika Ninagawa said that, “I knew of Luhan a long time ago. He’s a very friendly person and quickly comprehends the situation when filming. I hope we have further opportunities to work together in the future.”

When the MV was released online, netizens said that, “Luhan looks like the prince of an ancient castle, ah my heart!” and “Luhan’s MVs have a magic for me that doesn’t fade away.”

Official music video for “Winter Song”.

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  • Qiyue

    Luhan’s voice is so pretty!~ but he really does love his auto tune? lol Idek anymore XD fighting Lulu!!!~

  • Elizabeth

    He looks beautiful in the MV, like a prince

  • Barabessa

    prince i’m waiting skin to skin mv

  • May

    The first time I watched this, all I thought of was how he was in love with a bird. Lol