Feng Shaofeng and Lin Yun rumored to have broken up?

Weibo: Sina Weibo

According to the paparazzi, Lin Yin told her friends on Christmas Eve that she was single. It’s suspected that she’s broken up with Feng Shaofeng, whereas Sina has it from reputable sources that the two have indeed broken up. Sina has contacted Feng Shaofeng’s manager, with the latter responding that he doesn’t inquire about his artist’s personal matters and cannot comment. Feng Shaofeng was spotted holding hands, eating together, and making out in a car in 2016 but have never confirmed their relationship.


Netizens react below:

[+7,515] Oh, not interested[拜拜]

[+6,214] Oh oh oh, next [微笑]

[+5,785] Little girl, as an actress, your only work to date is a mermaid drama with questionable acting skills. You rely on photoshop and you speak like you don’t think about your words. There’s a lot of gossip about you. I really can’t bring myself to liking her [微笑]

[+5,690] Doesn’t she always say that she’s single? This isn’t the first time

[+4,730] Raise your hand if you dislike her!

[+1,507] Again? He said he broke up with Ni Ni last time[doge][doge]

[+1,445] I don’t like Lin Yun[doge]

[+1,380] Sigh, can we stop talking about her


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  • May

    Looking at the first sentence, I’ve always wondered how they get this info. Other than a tattle tale, All I can imagine is the paparazzi lip reading or trying to listen to their convo.