Zheng Shuang resurfaces after a long disappearance

QQ: Zheng Shuang finally shows herself after a long absence, she busily covers her face and refuses photos

Having disappeared for a long period, Zheng Shuang showed up alone at the airport on Jan. 12.
– She’d wrapped herself up thickly and looked like an eskimo with her thick boots
– She kept sending voice messages as she walked, and even faced a glass wall to start a conversation
– She’d covered her face to reject photographs, but chatted happily with fans for a while after they’d identified her


Cnetz react below: 

[+7,759] So awkward, Nazha always treats the airport as her catwalk, but Zheng Shuang never wants to be photographed. Two people with very different styles

[+6,249] She’s just keeping a low profile. Those haters. Nazha always has such a high profile and seems to be worried that no one knows her. Sick

[+5,484] Those who don’t like certain parts of Zheng Shuang come in and attack her. Do you feel better after cursing her? Your mouths are so dirty. Do humane things since you’re a human, don’t do things that harm others and don’t benefit yourself. She just wants to be herself. Even if she’s had plastic surgery, that’s her own life. What has she done wrong, and what right do you have to criticize others?

[+4,056] She may want her own space. She doesn’t lack money and her family is well off to begin with. She’s not like some female celebrities, doing everything just to be popular. Particular that one who goes around everyday saying that she has no background and hates on everyone

[+3,593] She’s someone who lacks confidence and it feels like she’s always hiding herself. She only looks at people out of the corner of her eyes when she talks. She can actually be more confident because she has the reasons to

[+1,859] No matter her personality, she’s more real than Nazha and she’s more easy on the eyes

[+863] She’s been missing for so long, she probably had her face done again?

[+494] She got banned because of her celebrity disease

[+190] She’s recovering from her surgery and doesn’t want to show off her face, right?

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  • danny

    Why is it always Zheng Shuang and Guli Nazha compared together??? Just cuz of… Zhang Han? The one trying to hide by blending into normal people is very good, humble, and praiseworthy. And the one that is confident and walks with nice fashion is also pleasant to the eye. What’s wrong with that? At least they’re not with masks here, those masks are the most annoying and real attention grabber, like who couldn’t identify you by seeing the eyes and the way you’re usually dressed?

    • disqus_AdlpiWs4WQ

      Exactly! I’m no big fan of Zheng Shuang, but i find her bearable. I’m neutral with Na Zha, and she’s improving in acting. Zheng Shuang is more, I guess reserved so people should respect that. Na Zha is more confident and easy going which I don’t know why people hate on her. Both are respectful young ladies with successful careers!