Elva Hsiao shares her three secrets behind 15 boyfriends in 17 years

QQ: Elva Hsiao swaps through 15 handsome boyfriends in 17 years, she speaks about her three tricks for love

Elva has had 14 boyfriends in 17 years and is currently in a relationship with Michael, a professional golf player, who happens to be 13 years younger than her.
– She recently taught fans on YouTube how to give hints to the person they like

She laughed and said that the first trick was to share food with the person you like and increase your familiarity with each other, however, one has to be reserved and have friends come help you.
– The second is play little games, but rope in his friends to help you and then only play with him occasionally, getting to know him better. The key point is to lose so that hey gains face.
– The third is to invite friends over to watch horror movies at home. If the other has good feelings towards you, he’ll protect you



Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,464] Pan Jinlian only had two men in his life but was made out to be this thousand year old harlot. But if she’s resisted now, she’s a pure and innocent woman

[+1,813] Elva Hsiao is the best example for us women. Why is it that men can find younger women but women can’t find younger men? Men and women are equal!

[1,084] Elva Hsiao is my role model in terms of relationships. She only picks the young and good looking ones. Marriage isn’t important

[+980] I’ve heard that her sex drive is insane. Three times a night isn’t enough for her

[+602] She has money and can play around. Aren’t men proud of how many women they’ve slept with? Why can’t women do the same?

[+440] She’s slept with at least 15 men

[+275] The tricks is simple, spread your legs

[+130] I like you just because I like you, there’s no need to do those silly and stupid moves. Nothing you do will have any effect at all. Of course, it’s another matter if you have money. If I’m a man and a female celebrity wants me, I’d accept it, there’s no loss for me. I can play around with her and not have to work so hard. If I’m in business, my popularity will increase immensely, why not?

[+79] Is it something to be proud of to have 14 boyfriends in 16 years? Will your future husband be happy to know how many men have slept with you?

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