Liu Ye brings wife and children to deliver Chinese New Year goods to the elderly

Weibo: Liu Ye’s official Weibo

Wife and two children following behind several volunteers to deliver Chinese New Year goods to the elderly. We’ve done this for several years.


Netizens weigh in below:

[+25,886] Nuo Yi (Liu Ye’s son) can haul up a jug of soy sauce by himself now!

[+18,192] Nina’s (Liu Ye’s daughter) style melds perfectly into a rural village now!

[+11,721] This is a picture from several years ago. Little Nuo has grown up now as well. Children who grow up in this kind of household are always the kindest angels


[+2,808] Nuo Yi and Nina are all great because they have a wonderful mom like anna!

[+2,442] You’re finally posting pictures of my Nuo, I’ve missed him so much!

[+2,169] Your entire family is so wonderful. That Nuo Yi and Nina are growing up in circumstances like these will fill them with love[心]

[+1,555] This is so good [泪] People are beautiful and their hearts are beautiful [心]

[+1,414] Their manners are so good

[+1,228] Your wife is so good!! Like your wife!! [心][心][心]She’s taught Nuo Yi and Nina so well!


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