New Taiwanese-Japanese rock band “Looking For” holds first performance

Yahoo News: New group isn’t afraid when performing, Looking For keeps cracking lame jokes

Taiwanese modeling agency Eelin and Sony Music Japan have been secretly training the four member Japanese rock band “Looking For” for two years.
– They debuted three months ago and have performed many times in live houses in Japan
– They held their first close contact performance in Taiwan recently and was very touched by the large numbers of fans that turned out

They were previously invited to perform at Taichung’s (central city in Taiwan) New Year’s Eve concert and displayed a steady demeanor.
– The crowd reacted so warmly that they were edited into the replay of the concert later that night
– The group had become completely at ease in performing after that night and enjoyed the atmosphere, cracking lame jokes with he crowd

Leader Hank has often been said that he looks like Lee Minho and also likes to imitate other celebrities in private and joke around.
– He imitated Michael Jackson during the concert and greatly amused fans


LookingFor’s “April” Mv

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