[Updated] Request: Wu Yifan wins defamation case that accused him of gambling and whoring

Weibo: Mango Entertainment

[Wu Yifan wins defamation case. Justice may be late, but it won’t be absent.] The court posted a poster of Wu Yifan winning his defamation case today. The contents of the message are that all shapes and forms of media are flourishing these days, with many grasping at straws and passing on rumors. The cost of creating gossip is low, and lurid editing is easy to achieve. All sorts of ill winds online must be punished heavily. We await further action from Wu Yifan after this judgement, and trust in the fair rulings of the courts. [good]


Part of the notice is posted below:

A certain Weibo account accused Wu Yifan of owing RMB 3.5B due to gambling, whoring, drinking, and excessive partying. Wu Yifan sued for slander, and the courts have determined on Jan. 12 that this Weibo account is to post for 15 days in a row apologizing to Wu Yifan, in addition to paying psychological damages of RMB 20,000 and legal fees of RMB 12,200.

In addition, the company operating the Weibo website has been ordered to pay economic damages of RMB 120,000 and psychologicaldamages of RMB 100,000. However, the company has said that it has revealed the personal information of the Weibo account and deleted the posts. Thus, it shouldn’t be held responsible.


Netizens react below:

[+2,245] I support Wu Yifan’s protecting his rights and protest against cyber bullying

[+1,874] I trust that the law will uphold justice

[+1,610] I support Wu Yifan, Wu Yifan is always on the side of justice [哆啦A梦花心][哆啦A梦花心][哆啦A梦花心][哆啦A梦花心]

[+1,535] I support protecting your rights and protest against cyber bullying!

[+1,420] I support Wu Yifan protecting his rights

[+1,296] A society ruled by law should punish cyber bullying harshly. The truth will be explained by the law

[+1,119] It costs so little to perpetuate rumors. How is the damage to Wu Yifan just tens of thousands?

[+1,062] I support protecting your rights!

[+998] This is only one item in the entire case. The others are still undergoing examination. They’ll come one by one! The true source of the rumors must heavily punished, all those who should receive their just desserts will receive them!



Source: Sina Weibo

[+17,310] I support reasonable protection of one’s rights

[+15,218] Punish those rumormongers heavily, so disgusting [拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]

[+12,219] Support Wu Yifan

[+11,893] Support protecting your rights

[+11,525] Supporting Wu Yifan, he was marred too heavily

[+10,754] Mm, we should punish the ill winds on the internet

[+9,355] Support protecting your rights!

[+7,910] Here in support

[+8,174] Those who make up rumors should pay the price. I support using the law to protect your rights

[+6,888] All this slander is rather boring. We’ll slowly get through everything. Let’s look forward

[+6,164] Justice is never late. Online rumors are too frightening

[+5,466] I confess my love to Wu Yifan

[+5,362] One has to pay the price for creating rumors. [微笑] I hope people can watch their words and actions online

[+5,386] I support Wu Yifan and firmly oppose online bullying

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  • L.A_21

    I’m glad he won. TBH the rumor is straight up ridiculous. And there’s a lot more ridiculous rumors/fake news esp. after the ‘fake girlfriend’ news comes out in June last year and news of Kris signing with Jackie Chan company.

    • May

      Right! I think it’s because he has this mysterious image and doesn’t talk a lot about himself that people can easily make up these kind of rumors.

      • L.A_21

        Yeah esp. the ‘whoring and excessive partying’. Kris don’t even get enough of sleep because of multiple filming of movies so those claims are obviously not true.

        And I think negativity is always esp. when you’re getting higher. Haters just don’t want to admit that Fresh Meat Wu Yi Fan is getting famous and raking CFs and movies back to back.

  • lol

    he still seems like a f*ckboy to me lel