A-Mei to kick off touring for “Utopia Carnival”, celebrates 20th debut anniversary

Yahoo News: A-Mei has many quirks when she performs, must have four kinds of drinks, certain food, and sleep in

As part of the celebrations for her 20th debut anniversary, A-Mei will be kicking off ticket sales for her worldwide tour “Utopia Carnival” on Jan. 15.
– She has already confirmed 60 concerts around the world, with the final number for this tour anticipated to reach 115 concerts

When interviewed about her performance quirks, her manager laughed that A-Mei has some weird habits.
– She always rises at 8am or 9am, but will insist on sleeping in to 3pm the day of her concert
– She will eat only one mouthful of carbohydrates and a few pieces of meat before taking the stage. Her manager laughed that, “The assistants always prepare a ton of food, and everyone’s waiting on the sidelines when she eats because there will always be a ton of leftovers.”
– She likes to listen to music as her hair and makeup are being done. She listens to hip hop when in a good mood, classical when frustrated, and death metal when depressed
– Her manager said that, “If we hear she’s listening to death metal, then we know she’s in an extremely bad mood and may not say a word before she takes the stage
– Fans also know that she has a great preference for drinks during performance, requiring warm water, ice water, coffee, and energy drinks to be on hand. She drinks the ones that she’s most in the mood for at that time

As she looked back on 2016, her participation on “Sound of My Dream” from Zhejiang TV formed a major part of her year.
– She said that although it was fun and she could sing some songs that she normally wouldn’t have the chance to, rearranging 11 songs over the course of a season seemed to “expend the energy it would take to produce an album”
– The show is asking her to join for a second season, and she is still considering the invitation


Yahoo News: Diehard fans show off their collection, A-Mei promises 26 minutes of live streaming

In celebration of A-Mei’s 20th debut anniversary, fans pooled together to put on a “20th MEImeories” exhibition at A-Mei’s A8 Cafe.
– They pulled together all the pictures, music, and collectibles that have appeared since her debut
– Fans brought out their treasured keepsakes for the past 20 years, with items such as her first outfit at her first concert, her first autograph at her first signing event, album specific high heels, and limited edition microphones given out at her 15th anniversary showing up

A-Mei promised to live stream 26 minutes of her upcoming concert and said that proceeds from certain merchandise will be donated to charity.


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